Value-add Services

KRT Provides High Quality Value-add Services


KRT offers “One-Stop Logistics Services” for clients by providing high quality and productive value-add services at bonded warehouses with enhanced facilities.”

A 3PL (Third-party Logistics) service provider needs to be agile to help our clients quickly deploy their products into ever changing markets.

Needs to fine tune imported products at the closest point to market have been increasing because of the extended supply chain worldwide and resulting longer lead time.

Flow of KRT Value-add Services

Also provides customs clearance and bonded warehousing as a one-stop shopping of logistics services.

Facilities and Equipments

Food Safety” is a major concern of Japanese consumers.

KRT equipped the mechanism to keep processing room clean by installing air shower chambers, hand washing rooms, and self adhesive (cleaning) rollers.

Have you ever seen this kind of public warehouses?

If you want to distribute your merchandise in Japan,
you can count on KRT for your 3PL (Third-party Logistics) provider in Japan!

Food Processing Function

KRT has a food processing facility authorized by local public health center.

This enables bulk unpackaged foods packed into smaller packages such as cases, bottles, and pouches.

As a merit of this repackaging, our clients can import merchandise in bulk, then distribute in smaller sizes flexibly to match Japanese market requirements!

The value-add service of KRT is one of the finest qualities in Japanese logistics industry!

Example of Defective Products Checked by Our Inspection

Consumer awareness of "Food Safety" in Japan is extremely high.
  1. Distorted or Blurred Expiration Date
  2. Distortion of Package
  3. Dented Bottle Cap
  4. Missing Drinking Straw of Aseptic Package Juice
  5. Torn of Package
Japanese Retailers Do Not Accept These Products!
Strict inspection of KRT will reduce the unnecessary costs associated with these returned or rejected products.

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