Offices and Warehouses

Kyoto-Yawata Warehouse

Built in 1996, there are single-story warehouses of total floor area of 2,640m2 (28,387ft2).  Yawata warehouse is located in the Kozuya Industrial Complex close from Yawata-higashi Exit of Daini Keihan Road.  Building 1 (1,980m2/21,290ft2) has electric pallet racks with storage capacity of 480 pallets in the temperature controlled area, and it also stores 960 pallets in ambient temperature. These racks can respond to various needs of clients such as many SKU’s and smaller quantity items.  Further, single-story warehouse of the Building 2 (660m2/7,097ft2) can be utilized freely and flexibly such as arranging Nestainer (Stackable storage racks).

Address:127 Kozuya-Nishikubo, Yawata-shi, Kyoto, 614-8183 Japan
Tel: + 81 75 982 1113 Fax: + 81 75 982 1136