Offices and Warehouses

Sakado Distribution Center

Distribution center which was built with the theme of "Food safety". Inbound pallets are cleaned to remove dusts thoroughly by passing through the air shower. We handle the raw materials related to foods/confectioneries and packaging materials. Consolidation delivery programs are also provided both ambient and refrigerated. It also has a function of bonded warehouse. The value-add service facility was constructed in May 2012 which can perform factory level standard. The welfare facilities for employees are one of the bests in our industry. It is possible to respond flexibly to the market changes with high productivity. Installed a 380kw diesel powered generator to claim our service “First class for food safety”.

Address:1-4-2 Nissai-Hanamizuki, Sakado-shi, Saitama, 350-0269 Japan
Tel: + 81 49 283 4351 Fax: + 81 49 283 4355