Logistics Service

Occupational Safety & Health related Activities

KRT has been giving high priority to the improvements of employee work environments.
We have been trying to inform safety and health measures to all employees by holding sub-committee meeting at each warehouse for every month and joint committee meeting for 6 times a year.

The Safety Inspection of warehouse by each member of committee is the activity to prevent the workplace accidents by checking the real workplace for the purpose of eliminating potential risk and improving safety awareness.

From the perspective of risk management, we have been trying to minimize the damage in case of emergency by assuming the worst case scenarios.

KRT has built work environments and facilities that competitors cannot imitate by setting the basic policy of providing employees safe and comfortable environments.

Logistics Service

Major strength of KRT is that it can provide all the services related to warehousing and transportation as a 3PL (Third-party Logistics) service provider since its foundation in 1924.
KRT will provide nationwide network of logistics services by utilizing not only its own fleets and warehouses but also working with other companies in same logistics industry.
KRT has been supporting our clients to focus on their core activities, such as production and sales, then their fixed costs can be altered to variable costs.
Final inspection, repacking, labelling, and assortment at closest points to markets are essential for imported foods to conform strict quality standards of Japan.
KRT offers “One-Stop Logistics Services” to our clients by providing customs clearance, temperature-controlled storage for chocolate, high quality value-add service, and consolidation delivery.
Furthermore, KRT can offer the logistics related routine works of customers such as order processing, inventory deployment planning, and returnable bottle handlings.