Information Technology

Reception Management System

When truck driver arrived at factory or warehouse for un/loading, it is typical to check in at the reception counter with a delivery slip. But drivers cannot know their turn to un/load immediately at warehouse in Japan. Our Reception Management System made possible to visualize the un/loading schedule like a flight schedule at airports or rail stations.
Also, warehouse is able to deploy their workers effectively because this system shows detention time of trucks or trailers in each time slot.

Appointment Management System

Even though the appointment management system is a standard at warehouses in Europe and the US, it is very rare in Japan. KRT has been working on a development of appointment management system as an evolving version of reception management system.  At one of our warehouses developing the system experimentally, traffic congestions every morning have been resolved.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The most important thing for KRT is keeping the historical data of receiving and shipping of products. We have kept almost all of the data on our hard disk so that clients can immediately check back the historical data of receiving and shipping at the time of any product quality related incidents.
KRT utilizes two data centers in Okinawa and Saitama prefectures to minimize the risk of earthquakes and blackouts.
Warehouse Management System is built with through consideration of BCP (Business Continuity Program).

Transportation Management System (TMS)

KRT has been working on developing transportation management system in order to corresponding to labor/vehicle shortages. We try to operate effectively with a small number of trucks and trailers by reducing inefficient time of drivers such as detention time and incidental works with possible automation of those related dispatching and clerical works.