Customs Clearance

KRT, a Specialist in Food Import/Export Customs Clearance!

  • More than 30years of experience in customs clearance.
  • Offers seamless Japan domestic logistics service utilizing own trucks and warehouses.
  • Registered Customs Specialists authorized by Japanese government.

Quick Customs Clearance Procedur

Impact on the Cost & Business Opportunity

(Do not miss your business opportunity by choosing wrong Customs Specialist.)

Quick response to customs clearance procedure is the strength of KRT!

Specialization of KRT

  1. Processed Packaged Foods:
    • Retort Pouched Foods
    • Frozen Cakes
    • Confectionery
  2. Beverages:
    • Wines
    • Cocktail Syrups
    • Organic Drinks
  3. Clothing:
    • Apparel
    • Underwear
    • T-shirts
  4. Pharmaceuticals:
    • Nonprescription drugs
    • Ingredients
Our Expertise for Complicated Customs Clearance!

*Complicated Customs Clearance means,
Customs tariff differs depending on the contents and processing methods, and application procedures are complicated when generating application forms because there are strict import regulations for goods such as foods and clothing.

KRT Customs Clearance Office will Work for Your;

  1. Preparation of Import Declaration Form, and Customs Declaration
  2. Other Legal Procedures, and Attending the Customs Inspection, etc.
  3. Procedures for Receiving Approved Cargo
  4. Making Arrangements for Transportation of Cargo
  5. Invoice Preparation
  6. Managing Subcontracting Charges
KRT will handle everything from the declaration to customs to final delivery!

Introduction of Customs Clearance in Japan

Three Flows of Import Trading

Country A Documents Country B
Bank Payment Bank
Freight Forwarder Merchandise Freight Forwarder
Export Import

  1. Documents:

    Flow of documents (generation, issuance, and presentation) necessary from the time of contract to receiving the merchandise by importer, then distributed to the market.

  2. Payment:

    Flow of money

  3. Merchandise:

    Movement of merchandise transported from exporting country.

Flow of Import Customs Clearance

  • Foreign Cargo
  • Cargo Arrival(Seaport or Airport)
  • Overland Transportation (OLT)(Bonded warehouse or Container yard)
  • Other Legal Procedures
    • Foods Inspection (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
    • Animal/Plant Quarantine (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
  • Import Declaration
  • Customs Inspection(Cargo Check or X-ray Inspection)
  • Domestic Cargo
  • Import Permit(Payment of Duties)
  • Take over to Domestic

Complicated Customs Clearance in Japan

  • Classified as pharmaceutical ingredients depending on the sites of plants
  • Regulations/standards are different for each country
  • Customs tariff and application procedures are different depending on the foods and pharmaceuticals
Plant name Sites (Ingredients)
Classified as Pharmaceuticals
Sites (Ingredient)
Classified as Non-pharmaceuticals
Aloe Aloe vera juice
(Used for anti-burn ointment)
Aloe vera gel (Mesophyll) and Root
(Used for supplements)
Morning glory Seed
(Used for laxative)
Leaf and flower
(Used for face lotion)
Peony Root
(Used for medicine to improve cold constitution)
(Used for soap and cosmetics)

An example of complicated specifications and standards of Japan

(Source: Material in the Japan External Trade Organization)

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